6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Dec 14, 2021

The digital market landscape is constantly evolving. With changes in technology, buyer behaviors, and channels, there’s a lot on the horizon for 2022. So, what digital marketing trends will be the most critical for small businesses to understand and leverage? Here are some predictions on the biggest trends for 2022 from our digital marketing experts.

Data Privacy Is a Priority

You may have heard that third-party cookies are on their way to elimination. A cookie is a piece of code that stores information when a user is on a website. Cookies collect data, and third-party ones have been a critical aspect of digital advertising and targeting. Third-party cookie collection occurs by domains, not the actual website the person is browsing.

While Google did delay the elimination until 2023, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The good news is that local digital advertising doesn’t rely too heavily on cookies. New, less-invasive tactics are in place that ensures user privacy. Third-party cookies aren’t always accurate in targeting, so new ways of understanding your customers and improving personalization are needed. The answer is shifting toward first-party data. That’s data customers provide to you in online interactions like completing a form with contact information. You can also collect first-party data on your website relating to that user’s clicks, pages viewed, and purchases.

Automation Drives Efficiency and Scale

The adoption of marketing automation platforms will increase in 2022. These applications are now easier to deploy, use, and maintain. You don’t have to be a technological whiz to figure them out. They save time and money because they eliminate manual processes. Automation usage impacts email marketing, social media marketing, and content publishing.

Zero-Click Searches

Every company wants to rank in the first position in Google. The way the search engine presents results now, they pull out the answer to the query right on the results page. That means people might not actually click on it because they get the information right there. If that’s where you’re landing, you might want to improve your meta data titles and snippets.

Regarding paid search, ads may not get clicks either if they supply information the user needs, like an address or phone number. Click to call has been a part of paid ads, and they convert well for users that require services immediately, so that should be part of your ads.

Online Reviews Will Be Critical for Small Business Trust

Online reviews are essential to convincing new customers to take action. They are the best type of “advertising” you can produce. It’s not your company’s story; it’s your customer’s. There are many places for reviews — Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. You can also display them on your website.

You don’t need to have reviews on every website, so choose those you think your customer base uses the most, and create campaigns to get more reviews in 2022.

Mobile-First Websites for the Best User Experience

Mobile-first websites are the future. Desktop isn’t going away, but people spend increased time on mobile devices. In some cases, they may not even use or own a desktop. For local businesses like yours, mobile is likely where you get significantly more traffic.

If you’re redesigning your website in 2022, start with a mobile-first design and what that user experience will be. Work with an agency that has experience and expertise in this area of website design.

Are You Ready for These Digital Marketing Trends?

These trends in digital marketing represent those with the most impact on small businesses. There are challenges and opportunities ahead. If you have questions or need help, contact our team today.

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