Local Business Reviews: 6 Ways to Generate More

Jan 19, 2021

Business reviews are extremely valuable for small businesses. You can say how amazing your brand is all day long, but it won’t have the impact of your customers telling their stories. Those responses from customers matter considerably. A survey found that 87% of consumers read reviews of local businesses. However, local business reviews can be hard to generate, and it’s not something people do very often without prompting and reminders.

Understanding how important they can be to your reputation and business, it’s a good idea to have a strategy on how to receive more. Let’s dive in with six ways to do just that.

How to Get More Local Business Reviews

First, there are a few considerations for business reviews. First, you’ll need to decide the logistics. Do you want people to review you on Yelp, Facebook, Google, or Angie’s List? You may say all the above or focus only on one or two. Second, you have to know that not every review will be five stars, no matter what you do, but you do have the opportunity to respond.

Now, how can you get more reviews?

Send Post-Sale Emails

After the customer receives the product or completed service, follow up immediately with a simple, short email asking them to review you. You can set up a series of emails to get reminding them to do so. Be sure to personalize the email as much as possible by referencing the type of product or job.

Give Customers a Call

If a salesperson or customer service rep built a relationship with the customer, a quick phone call could prompt the customer to give you a review. Nicely asking and emphasizing how critical reviews are for your local business is often all it takes.

Request Views on Your Social Media Profiles

Social media posts are another channel to connect with customers. You can develop posts that request their feedback either on the profile or via another channel with a link. People spend considerable time scrolling through social media, so it’s one more way to nudge them to review you.

Ask for a Review In-Person

This tactic works for field service companies that interact with customers on-site, usually in their homes. Your technicians can approach this in two ways. First, they could leave a flyer behind with how to leave a review. If doing this, include simple instructions on how to do it. Also, add a note of appreciation to your customer.

Second, they could present the customer with a tablet open to a review site or portal. An instant review process may work well since the customer is likely satisfied with the work (or they wouldn’t let your service tech leave!).

Promote It on Your Website

Your home page should have a reviews section that includes testimonials from customers. Below this, add a button that says, “Review Us” and link it to the platform of your choice. Be sure that the button is bold, so it’s easy to find. Alternatively, you could embed the Google Reviews widget on your website, making it any easier.

One other place to mention reviews is your website footer. That way, it’s on every page.

Add a Review Call to Action in Email Signatures

Another idea is to include a review CTA in email signatures. Use language like “Leave Us a Review,” then link to the platform you prefer.

How Will You Get More Local Business Reviews in 2021?

Reviews can be a great marketing asset, but managing them and generating more can be cumbersome. We help small businesses do just that. Learn about our review management program today.

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