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About AQ Marketing

The fact that you’ve landed on the home page of this website and you’ve begun reading this article makes it very likely that you are a small to medium sized business owner, as am I. In that AQ Marketing practices what we preach, your landing on this page is not a random event, it is not a quirk of fate, nor is it the result of your having lost your way.

More About AQ Marketing is a fully integrated, digital marketing and advertising agency for small to medium sized businesses.

AQ Marketing is a fully integrated digital marketing and advertising agency, working primarily with small to medium sized businesses just like yours. We specialize in website design and development, search engine optimization, and all things digital, at least that’s what the title says. The reality of the benefits we bring to you are way beyond that which can be conveyed in the title and the tagline of our company.

We make it as personal as personal. Your website needs to be an accurate extension of every aspect of your business; your philosophy, your customer commitment, your dedication to producing positive results for your customers, etc. It is vital that we completely understand you and your business, your goals and objectives, your competition and market dynamics, your employees and their functions, as well as the marketing resources you are already using and how you are using them.

What I just described is the foundation of our specialized, well developed and continually tested, strategic marketing approach for small to medium sized businesses. It’s our job to define the terrain for you, assess your ability to navigate your way through the brambles and bogs that live at the foothills, provide you with the necessary maps, tools, and training, then help you reach the top of the mountain.

Furthermore, we believe it is our responsibility to learn as much as we possibly can about the business in which you are engaged, how you go about working within that business, the products and services you provide, and the benefits those products and services impart to your customers. As you look through our website, you’ll notice that much of our process is geared to gathering information about our clients and their respective businesses.

In some way, shape or form, your path to this place has been influenced by the fully integrated, digital marketing strategy and subsequent fluid campaign that we at AQ Marketing created for ourselves. This strategy is the product of so many hours spent brainstorming, strategizing, developing, adjusting, tweaking, wordsmithing, testing, revising, and deploying, in order to drive the CORRECT traffic to our website. It is this process that we bring to you.

It is a rigorous process that requires a great deal of self-examination, questioning of assumptions, research, examination of the marketing campaigns undertaken by our competitors, a comprehensive and on-going market analysis, and intelligent deployment of resources.

Our goal is to be the best digital marketing agency for small to medium sized businesses that is humanly possible, because that’s the only way we could possibly help you achieve your goals and objectives. We completely understand that it’s only by helping you get to where you want to go, that we’ll get where we want to go.

The reason I told you all that is to impress upon you that what we do for ourselves is exactly what we do for our customers. And the greatest testimonial as to whether what we can do for you can achieve successful results, is the simple fact that you are still here, on the homepage of the AQ Marketing website, right where you are supposed to be.

About AQ Marketing Woburn, MA
Graphic of Essex County OB/GYN Website
Graphic of Essex County OB/GYN Website

You Need Our Help

Some may say that this is a rather bold statement to make. However, we see it as a statement born of our experience. That being the case, you fit perfectly into the demographic and psychographic profile of the business owners and types of businesses we wish to attract. We have taken a very hard look at the areas of marketing and advertising that produce the most desired results for AQ Marketing. Having found our sweet spot, we would be crazy to divert ourselves in any other directions.

Many of the small to medium sized business owners we work with describe their lives as a variation on a theme. For many it is characterized by feelings of constantly fighting the same battle, over, and over, and over again. If you weren’t stuck between a rock and a hard place you wouldn’t recognize yourself.

The Rock: you have more business than you know what to do with. You’re operating at DefCon 5, the strain on all your systems is overwhelming, and you can’t imagine how you’ll be able to get everything done AND keep your customers happy.

The Hard Place: You walk through the door one day and you’re greeted by the deafening roar of silence and inactivity. And not for the first time you find yourself looking around, scratching your head and wondering, where did everyone go?

Not a day goes by that you aren’t keenly aware that this is how you live your life. And somewhere in the back of your mind lives a voice that is constantly reminding you that something needs to change if you want to retain your sanity. Unfortunately, your friendly background voice isn’t kind enough to tell you exactly what you need to do. This is where AQ Marketing steps in and saves the day!

We work primarily with small to medium sized businesses such as yours because that is the market in which we have developed a significant amount of expertise. We have amassed such a great body of knowledge pertaining to your needs that there is already much we know about you and your company, and the dynamics that impact you and your business. Some of what we have learned is the following:

  • You are a hard-working, conscientious, possibly hyper-responsible, individual for whom 24 hours in a single day isn’t nearly enough to accomplish everything on your to-do list. Then, there are those days that disappear in the blink of an eye without your ever having seen the list!
  • You wear all kinds of hats every day, deftly switching from one to the next with the ease and grace of a magician putting on a show. At once you are the prime salesperson, the rainmaker, the person who brings in the bulk of the business.
  • You function as the chief money collector, the person who has the unenviable job of calling customers with whom have become friends and telling them that they need to pay their bills.
  • You are the person who makes the final decision as far as personnel are concerned. You hire them and you fire them. You explain the rules you have developed for everyone who works for your company to abide by, and you teach them about the benefits package that you have to offer and administer.
  • Your business life is a little bit like riding on an insane roller coaster. You experience a never-ending series of exhilarating highs when you have more business than you know what to do with, followed by the inevitable and painful crash. This is when you walk in one day, look around, scratch your head, and wonder where everybody could have gone.
  • You regularly accomplish more by 9:30 in the morning than most people get done in an entire day. But that just doesn’t seem to be enough because there’s always the next thing, then the next one, and the one after that. If only you had another you, everything would be just fine, and you might even be able to take an entire day off.
  • You are an entrepreneur, whether you know it or not, a very special individual who doesn’t get nearly the level of praise and appreciation you deserve. Not that you are looking for any pats on the back, but a little bit of gratitude would occasionally be quite nice.


Graphic of Essex County OB/GYN Website
Graphic of Essex County OB/GYN Website

Top Web Design Companies In Massachusetts

Over the past 20 plus years AQ Marketing has developed a finely honed expertise in working with business owners just like you and companies like yours. If you are looking for help and you are trying to choose the appropriate digital marketing agency to represent you, just read the reviews and look at the ratings that have come to AQ Marketing from a wide variety of very satisfied customers.

When you choose a marketing agency, it is understood that you don’t know what they know – that’s why you are hiring them in the first place. Any good agency should expect of themselves that they explain everything they are thinking about in terms of your business. They need to lay out the steps they propose for extending your brand, creating awareness, and achieving results for you. More importantly is that they tell you WHY they are suggesting certain measures.

After all, experiencing further success and not having to shoulder the entire burden yourself, are the exact reasons you are even talking to marketing agencies. Everything is about YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS. It is not about the egos involved in an Agency. Unfortunately, such Marketing Agencies do exist. They are only interested in GETTING your business, not EARNING your business. And you will experience results that are mediocre at best.

You want to work with a marketing agency that places your interests before their own. Not too long ago, I called a prospective vendor to get some information I very much needed. It was late in the day and the customer service rep didn’t bother to identify herself, nor did she even attempt to make me feel comfortable, wanted, or appreciated. In fact she wondered aloud why it was that she always got the dumb ones and that all she really wanted to do was go home. Needless to say, I was not pleased with the direction this interaction took, and that was the last time I ever called that particular company.

When you hire a marketing agency you are placing a tremendous amount of trust in the ability and the integrity of that company, its employees, and its ability to deliver the results you desire. It is therefore imperative for any conscientious marketing agency to continuously learn about you and your business. We take the trust our customers place in us very seriously. it is the only way we can be an effective voice for your company.