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Web Accessibility Solution

A website needs to make adjustments that accommodate people with disabilities in the same way that a restaurant ensures that it has a wheelchair-accessible ramp. The pandemic has made us all rely on the internet for just about everything. All websites, regardless of size and traffic, should be accessible.

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Our Web Accessibility Solution

Web accessibility is quickly evolving into a new industry standard. It is becoming a fundamental part of any website, much like privacy and security (ie: SSL). As a result, going forward all of the sites we build and manage will include a web accessibility solution.

Why should I make my website accessible?

1. Mitigate Litigation Risk: In recent years the legislative landscape has changed. Hundreds of thousands of business owners have received Demand Letters for failing to have accessible websites. Making your website more accessible helps you to manage this risk. Are you saying that someone can sue me for having a website that is inaccessible? Regrettably, yes.

2. Maximize your website’s reach and create a competitive advantage: Business owners can create a competitive advantage by making their websites accessible and reaching out to a huge (15% of the population), underserved, and extremely loyal consumer group. In addition, accessibility is a key part of optimizing your website’s reach by providing everyone that wants to interact with your content with additional tools to do so.

3. It’s the right thing to do: Being inclusive makes sense both ethically and financially. It reflects well on your company and resonates with business owners, employees and customers.

How can I make my website accessible?

AQ Marketing has partnered with the industry leaders and pioneers of AI and machine learning-powered solutions for accessibility. We offer cost-efficient software solutions that automate the process of making your site vastly more accessible.

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