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Pay Per Click
Advertising (Google Ads)

Pay Per Click Digital Marketing Services

There are two cost involved with paid Google Ads, the ad fees paid directly to Google for each lead, and a monthly management fee paid to AQ Marketing for setting up and managing the program.

AQ Marketing will develop a Google Ads Campaign to market your company. We will focus on the best keywords and ad content to generate the maximum amount of leads.  During the first two months we will establish the optimal mix of keywords and ad copy to achieve the best results (traffic, conversions, ROI) for sales.

AQ Marketing will also setup a tracking report that will link the ads to your website so that we will be able to track phone calls, estimate forms and even text messages generated from the ad. In addition we will be able to track how many times the ad has shown and the amount of click to your website.

Monthly Management Services Include:

  1. Adding negative and positive keywords
  2. Adjusting bids
  3. Split testing ads
  4. Dedicated landing pages & Landing page split testing as needed
  5. Call Tracking & Website Form Tracking
  6. Troubleshooting issues
  7. Monthly Reports

AQ Marketing does not and cannot warranty positions, hits, clicks, traffic or sales. We cannot warranty that someone will click on your site. What visitors do after the get to your site depends on many variables that are impossible to control. With that said, we do want to measure, monitor and adjust the marketing strategy from time to time to make sure the message we are sending to visitors is the right message.

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