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by | Feb 12, 2021

Social media marketing can be confusing and time-consuming for small businesses, but it can certainly deliver returns. It helps drive people to your website and lead to revenue. However, social media marketing campaign success requires expertise and fine-tuning. Because of this, many don’t take advantage of it. Instead of abandoning it as a marketing channel, working with a partner that manages it can be a smart investment.

Small Businesses Find Success with Social Media

Before you commit to running a social media marketing campaign, consider these statistics on adoption and effectiveness.

The need to engage digitally with your audience has only become more critical during the pandemic. This shift in buyer behaviors means they are seeking out information and content online to solve their problems. Besides Google, social media platforms are the leading sources they use.

So, how can you capitalize on small business social media marketing? You don’t have to go it alone, spending hours trying to optimize a campaign. Rather, you can find an ideal partner to deliver an integrated social media marketing campaign and reap the benefits without all the work.

How You Can Benefit from Expert Management of Campaigns

Social media marketing is always changing and evolving. Managing it would require a full-time employee, and that’s likely not an option. Finding an expert to collaborate with on campaigns promotes your business without all the stress.

  • Expertise is critical: You aren’t an expert in social media marketing — nor do you need to be. Using social media marketing services removes this pressure. A social media team that gets small business and social media means you have expertise on your side.
  • Content creation isn’t on your plate: What to post on social media is a challenge for many. On top of that, the actual creation is tricky because you don’t have the bandwidth. However, consistent publishing is critical to building followers and generating website traffic. Outsourcing to professionals based on your target audience removes this barrier.
  • Better targeting: When you run social media ads, you can target who sees them based on demographics, preferences, and more. The options can soon become overwhelming. Having someone manage your campaigns that knows the ins and outs of this leads to better targeting and response. You’ll simply work with your partner to define your target audience, and they’ll do the rest.
  • Real-time monitoring: Social media platforms are all about engagement. You want people to comment and message your brand, but you could miss an opportunity if you don’t respond quickly. By engaging social media managers, they’ll communicate on your behalf to answer questions and interact with customers.
  • Measuring performance: You certainly want to know if your campaigns are working, which includes analyzing the data. A professional social media manager will supply you with reports on metrics and explain what they mean, so you always know what’s happening. From these analytics, your partner can tweak campaigns for better ROAS (return on ad spend).

Get Expert Help with Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing can be fruitful for your small business — but only through optimization, consistency, and engagement. To gain revenue from your efforts, seek out experts to guide your strategy and execute on it.

Small businesses rely on our team every day to manage social media campaigns and deliver returns. Let’s chat about how we can help you.

Benefits of a Fully Managed Social Media Marketing Campaign

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