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Why Work with a Local Digital Marketing Agency

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Blog Page News

Dentists are always looking to acquire new patients. There are many tactics to pursue, and having a modern, easy-to-navigate website matters. In dental website design, there are numerous best practices you should consider. This post will look at the key ingredients for a website that informs and converts.

Optimize the Experience for Mobile

Many patients will be searching for dentists near them on their phones. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that your dental website is mobile-friendly. To be mobile-friendly, your site needs to be responsive and automatically rendered for the device. It should also:

  • Load quickly: Even a few seconds delay could cause consumers to abort.
  • Intuitive navigation: Buttons and touch targets should be large enough to tap with ease.
  • Easy to read: Text size should be legible on a small screen, and the font should be simple.

Provide Clear Information

Your website visitors shouldn’t have to become detectives to learn the basics. It starts with having the proper navigation hierarchy with the right pages underneath. For example, services should include individual pages for all those you offer, such as cleanings, cosmetic dental solutions, orthodontics, specialties, etc.

Additionally, you’ll want to have contact information on the footer of every page, so it’s always easy to click. Other helpful details include hours of operation, address, and insurance acceptance.

Encourage Visitors to Take Action

You want your site to be inviting, modern, and engaging. You can do that with imagery, colors, and design details. However, you also want it to have conversion-centered design aspects. These design elements focus solely on the conversion, allowing potential patients to find you more easily. Your audience will be one of two groups — current patients and prospective patients. They have different needs, so you should consider having sections on the website for each.

The way to capitalize on conversions is to include CTAs (calls to action) with actions, including:

  • Get in touch
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Find a form
  • Pay a bill
  • Call the office

All of these begin with verbs, directing the person to take the next step.

Include Patient Testimonials and Reviews

For a person to trust that your dental practice is reputable, you’ll want to include social proof. This involves testimonials and reviews. Your patients telling their stories is more compelling than just stating these things yourself. Most consumers look for this information and review it before deciding. If possible, add their names and before and after pictures to demonstrate how your treatment improved their dental health.

Create SEO-Friendly Content

For new patients to find you, you’ll need to ensure that your website content gets SEO right. Ranking organically depends on the optimization of your web copy. There are both on-page and off-page SEO practices you’ll need to implement. That starts with a professional writer developing the content and a website programming team to build the off-page components.

It is also a good idea to continue to add content to your website in the form of blogs and videos to improve your rankings on Google.

Professional and High-Quality Dental Website Design From AQ Marketing

We’ve worked with many dental practices to create beautiful, mobile-friendly, high-converting websites. We can handle design, programming, SEO, and content. Contact our team today to get started.

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