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The Pillars of Lead Generation Content

by | Jul 21, 2021 | AQM News

Content can be very valuable in lead generation efforts. Buyers consume multiple pieces of content before they decide to purchase your product or service. By providing a library of lead generation content, you can attract customers throughout the buyer’s journey and nudge them to convert.

But what is lead generation content? And how do you successfully develop it?

What Is Lead Generation Content?

Lead generation content refers to top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) pieces that enable you to collect leads. Much of the time, this occurs via a form for a download or request for information. This type of content is usually gated on a landing page, which means users can’t access it without completing the form. When they do, you’ll have their contact information and can send them nurture emails or have sales reach out directly.

What Are the Types of Lead Generation Content?

There are many formats of content that can qualify as lead generation content, including:

  • eBooks – long-form content that’s reader-friendly and educational; problem-solution-focused pieces that introduce your audience to ideas, tips, and strategies
  • Whitepapers – also long-form but are more data-driven and formal in nature
  • Case studies – stories that provide an inside look at a customer’s specific problem and how you solved it
  • Templates or workbooks – tactical pieces of content that offer guidance to users and standardization of a process.
  • Reports and original research – how surveys and studies initiated by businesses are often published
  • Infographics – data visualization pieces that gather stats or include steps
  • Product sheets or collateral – usually one-sheeters that include specifications, features, and pricing

What Should Content for Lead Generation Include?

As you can see, content that works to attract leads can be in various formats and help you accomplish different goals. There are multiple parts to the content outside of the format itself.

First, you have the copy that drives traffic to your landing page. That could include Google Ads, social media posts (organic and paid), display ads on third-party sites, and emails. Again, it needs to be short and to the point while also driving action.

Second, you have the landing page, which is a teaser to the viewer about what the content includes. It tends to be persuasive and urgent, and it uses action-oriented words. You don’t want to give away too much, but you have to express the value of the download quickly so the user will complete the form.

In all types of lead generation content formats, you should also consider certain best practices.

  • Benefits over features: In most cases, except for product-specific content, you want to focus on the advantages users will experience doing business with you. Features are transactional content because they are about the mechanics. Most buyers care less about the logistics and more about the benefits they’ll gain by choosing your product or service.
  • Using clarity and transparency: Lead generation content should never be clickbait or bait-and-switch. The language you use to entice people to download the content should not suffer from ambiguity or be misleading. You’ll immediately lose the trust and respect of your buyer.
  • Expressing empathy: Empathy in content refers to being authentic and looking at the problem from the customer’s perspective. It can be compelling.

Need Help with Lead Generation Content?

There are so many steps to launching a lead generation campaign. For many SMBs, it can be overwhelming and outside of their wheelhouse. Our experts can help. We provide brands with a variety of digital marketing initiatives that can lead to new business. Contact us today.

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