The Connection Between Web Design and SEO

Aug 3, 2021

Web design and SEO have an interconnected relationship. They complement each other to drive better results for your business. Web design, in this connotation, isn’t just about visual elements but the foundation of your design.

Web design and SEO can work together seamlessly with the right approach. So, what’s the secret to a perfect working relationship? Let’s dig into some ways they can come together to deliver positive outcomes for your brand.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Of course, your website needs to be responsive, which means it automatically displays no matter the device. Being mobile-friendly is an extension of this concept because it focuses on optimizing the mobile experience.

This matters for SEO because search engines will penalize you if it’s not, which means you will not rank organically. In fact, Google practices mobile-first indexing, demonstrating its importance.

You also need to consider that mobile represents the biggest piece of the traffic pie. In Q1 2021, mobile devices accounted for 54.8% of website traffic globally. Thus, optimizing for mobile is mandatory to improve organic rankings.

Design that Complements Content

Content is essential to SEO, but it’s not just the words that matter. The layout and design also contribute to readability. If the presentation creates a bad user experience, users will abandon the site, and quick bounces can impact rankings.

The design of a content page must consider how the viewer will consume it. Focus on these areas:

  • Clear and legible font
  • Contrast for reading (i.e., light font on a dark background)
  • Creating a hierarchy of content with headers, subheaders, bullet lists, and other text effects
  • Ensuring there’s enough white space and little crowding

Optimizing Website Speed

Do you know if your website has loading issues? You can test out the site speed, and you should because delays in rendering result in bounces. Often, the reason for slower loading is that there is excess code on the backend, which you’ll need to clean up to meet the ideal expectation of two seconds.

Page speed impacts SEO, as Google considers it a ranking factor. Further, if your website is slow, it may affect how many pages it crawls.

Accuracy of Sitemaps

Crawling of the website is essential for search engines to rank your content. Web design impacts this in several ways beyond page speed. Sitemaps are another category. They are critical for proper crawling.

The sitemap is a guide for search engines of all the pages and content of your website. Its configurations provide an opportunity to signal to them what’s most important.

A sitemap is also valuable to a user because it helps with how they navigate. Additionally, it contains meta data, which also contributes to rankings.

Trust Factors

Is your website trustworthy? Trust and credibility are other aspects of website design and SEO. While it’s not “measurable” like other metrics, it’s still an integral component. So, how can you build trust through design?

  • Ensure your website is HTTPS.
  • Continue to refine the user experience so that it meets audience expectations.
  • Redesign your website if necessary to lead with a modern feel and navigation.
  • Use imagery that’s authentic.

All these best practices can demonstrate the legitimacy of your company, which can improve time on site and pageviews, which can boost rankings.

Are Your Website Design and SEO Tactics Working in Harmony?

Anything you do with design impacts SEO and vice versa. So, you have to approach managing them in this way. If one falters, the other will. If you want to work on both of these things to be more in harmony, tap our experts for help.

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