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How Mobile Optimization Can Increase Conversions

by | Jun 14, 2021 | AQM News

Did you know that over half the world’s website traffic comes from mobile? That may or may not be a surprising stat, but it proves the value of mobile optimization for digital assets. No matter your industry or buyer, you can be sure they are searching for solutions and consuming content on their mobile device.

User behavior drives the need for mobile optimization. Additionally, Google appreciates responsive websites. Since the 2105 Mobilegeddon, the search engine has been prioritizing those websites that are mobile-friendly. However, responsiveness isn’t the only pillar to optimizing for mobile.

Next, we’ll explain what mobile optimization is and how it increases conversion.

What Is Mobile Optimization?

Simply put, this is a process that ensures a website has an excellent mobile user experience that contributes to more conversions. Not only does it include responsive design but also the importance of SEO. Google implemented mobile-first indexing in 2019, which means they crawl that version of your website to determine indexing and ranking.

To optimize for mobile users, you need to enhance the functionality and navigation on mobile and establish SEO best practices.

What Are the Common Features of a Mobile Optimized Website?

Every website is different in terms of design and user experience, which are dependent upon your industry, audience, and the complexity of your website structure. An optimized site would include:

  • Responsive design
  • Simple and clean design with white space
  • Easy to find and understand navigation (many mobile site designers prefer a hamburger menu, which is a side menu)
  • No sidebars
  • No popups or easy to dismiss ones
  • Scannable text, which would include headers, sub-headers, and bullet points
  • Fast load time with compressed images and no unnecessary code
  • Buttons that are easy to tap (big enough and easy to read font)

Why Mobile Optimization Is Good for Conversions

If your site checks all the boxes on mobilization, you have a better chance of driving traffic to your website because you’ll rank better in organic search. Focusing on the user experience and fixing SEO issues are a necessity.

Keep in mind that SEO is more than just the content. You also need to optimize for off-page as well. You can start working on this by conducting an SEO audit. By performing one, you can determine if you have problems with:

  • Unnecessary code that isn’t contributing to the experience
  • Meta titles and descriptions without keywords and exceed the recommended length
  • Site architecture and structure that’s causing crawling errors
  • Broken links

Getting the SEO components right should help visibility and, therefore, more traffic and conversions.

In addition to SEO, other factors can contribute to a mobile-friendly experience for users:

  • Remove any clutter on the website regarding design.
  • Eliminate distractions on conversion pages so that the focus is on completing the form and whatever value it delivers (i.e., content downloads or requests for a quote).
  • Minimize scrolling: Pages that keep going and going will often result in a high bounce rate.
  • Correct inconsistency in filters or search, which can frustrate users.
  • Ensure text and images are large enough to see on a mobile device.
  • Provide easy-to-complete forms.
  • Make sure all elements that should be tappable are and highlight them with a button or different text color.

When you do these things, you’ll reap the benefits of a faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly website. The function and feel of your website won’t be a contributing factor in lost conversions any longer.

Does Your Website Need a Mobile Makeover?

Your website is the beginning of your digital footprint. If it’s not optimal on mobile, you are alienating a large group of prospective buyers. If your site needs a mobile makeover, tap our experts to help. Get in touch today to chat.

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