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Key Benefits of a Responsive WordPress Website for Small Business

by | Dec 17, 2020 | AQM News

Benefits of a Responsive WordPress Website for Small Business Near

Your website is your most important digital asset. You own it completely and have control over its look, content, and user experience. While the colors you choose, your branding, and content are vital, the most important thing is that it’s a responsive WordPress website. If you’re beginning your digital journey or are redesigning your website, check out these key benefits of responsiveness.

What Does Responsive Mean?

A responsive website means that the coding on the backend ensures that the site “responds” to the device and delivers the website in mobile, tablet, or desktop form.

A Responsive Site Fits Every Device

A responsive WordPress website displays correctly no matter what device viewers use. Everything sizes appropriately without the need to create multiple layouts. Luckily, WordPress themes are all responsive, so it doesn’t require hours of extra coding. It’s also future-proof and will adapt to new devices.

Google Loves Responsive Websites

Google has made it very clear that mobile-friendly, responsive websites are a necessity. In fact, Google will ding you when it comes to organic search ranking if you have an unresponsive site.

Mobilegeddon hit the digital world in 2015 as one of the biggest search engine updates ever. This algorithm update gave SEO priority to websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly. Organic ranking is one of the most important ways to get your buyers to find you, so you have to fall in line with Google’s authority.

More People Rely on Mobile Devices

According to the Pew Research Center, 81% of Americans own smartphones. We all carry around these small but powerful computers in our pocket and conduct searches, purchases, and communications with our fingers. People still use desktops, but it’s becoming the minority. As of Q3 2020, 50.81% of website traffic was from mobile devices.

Thus, if you want to be found online and provide an exceptional user experience, a responsive website is a must. Not converting is hurting your opportunities to attract and convert prospects.

User Experiences Matter

Why do visitors bounce so quickly from most sites? The reason could be a bad user experience, which could include slow load times, but more often, they leave sites because they can’t see the content on their device. Building a responsive website means that you can delight users with easy navigation and correct sizing, whether they’re using their smartphone or desktop computer.

If you can’t provide an optimal user experience on your website, how can a prospective customer trust you to deliver a solution? Ultimately, good user experiences build trust.

Responsive WordPress Websites Are Easier to Manage

Imagine if you had to maintain two websites — one for desktop and one for mobile. Unfortunately, some businesses are still doing this. This makes website management complicated and costly. Why burden your team or pay an agency to administer two websites when a responsive one does it for you? Obviously, responsive is the better choice and can eliminate a lot of hassle.

Responsive Websites May Improve Conversions

Another great aspect of responsiveness is that it provides unique features to promote conversions, such as click to call and GPS information, which are critical for small businesses. Additionally, if you have an eCommerce website, it would be impossible to streamline a frictionless checkout without responsiveness.

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