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Spa and Salon Website Best Practices: How to Wow Visitors

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Blog Page News

Your spa and salon website is how people find your business. If it’s optimized, attractive, and engaging, you’re more likely to gain more clients. While putting up a website is easy, one that attracts and converts requires more work. So, what spa and salon website best practices should you be considering?

Designing Spa and Salon Websites Should Include These Best Practices

Whether you’re building your first website or redesigning it, keep these tips in mind.

Wow Visitors with a Home Page That Dazzles

Most visitors will land on your home page first. As such, it should make a great first impression. You’ll want to do that with words and visuals. Start with a strong value proposition at the top, illustrating whom you serve and what you offer. Include high-quality images that display these services. A home page should also provide operational details, such as hours of operation, address, phone, and email.

Customer reviews and testimonials need prominent space because new customers will want to see these. They represent that your company is credible and legitimate. Within the body of the page, you can also have brief explanations of each service and then a link to that page. Another aspect of the home page should be your book online feature.

Other front page must-haves include current promotions, company recognitions (e.g., best of awards), and links to your social media profiles.

Stick to Your Brand’s Colors and Fonts

Your website doesn’t need to be a rainbow of colors. More colors won’t make it more attractive. It could make it distracting instead. The colors and fonts of your brand that you use on your business cards and storefront should be the same for your website. Doing so creates a consistent experience from digital to physical.

Describe Services and Include Pricing

Each type of service you offer, from hair to facials to other treatments, should have its own page. Then provide a brief description of what it is, how long it takes, and the costs. Pricing may vary depending on things like the length of hair, so you can insert a range.

These pages are also great for interweaving customer testimonials about the service and any before/after pictures you have. This provides visitors a preview of what to expect and can answer any questions they may have.

Add Online Booking

You could be losing appointments without the ability to book online. Consumers want convenience in scheduling that doesn’t involve picking up the phone. Having this feature on your website can reduce phone calls that you may miss anyway if you’re with a client.

By integrating a booking software with your website, someone can schedule in minutes, and you’ll be able to view availability in real time.

Make Navigation Easy Breezy

One thing to consider in website design is that most people will be looking at your site on mobile. Because of this, the navigation of your website needs to be simple. You’ll want to work on the mobile experience so it’s easy for users to find what they need quickly. Otherwise, they may abandon your website.

Introduce Yourself

Finally, it’s a great idea to include an “About” page that tells your story. Each service provider should have a bio that highlights their experience and some fun facts. If people can relate to you, they’ll be more likely to try out your salon.

Spa and Salon Website Best Practices: We Know Them All

Are you ready to wow clients with a website that looks great and works effectively? Then tap our designers and developers to create one you and visitors will love. Connect with us today to learn more about our website design services.

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