Refresh Your Landscaping Website to Drive More Leads

Aug 1, 2022

Just like your customers need to revitalize their yards every year, your landscaping website needs its own refresh. Having a modern, up-to-date, and easy-to-navigate website can help you attract and convert prospects.

Let’s look at some key strategies for redesigning your landscaping website.

The Must-Haves for Landscaping Websites

Your website is where customers learn about what you offer, pricing, your company, your success stories, and more. If it’s lost its luster, it could be hindering you from winning new business. Don’t let this happen! Focus on these tactics to ensure visitors have a good experience.

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Most local residents look for services with their mobile devices. As a result, your website should be mobile-friendly. With a responsive website design, the page automatically scales to the size of the device the person is using.

Mobile friendly also means that buttons are easy to click, and the navigation isn’t hidden. Also, you’ll want to enable click-to-call so a user can get in touch.

Include Reviews and Testimonials

New customers want to know what they can expect from your business. They’d rather hear the stories of others than marketing copy. You’ll want to develop a process to capture more customer feedback. Your website can present things like star ratings and testimonials with before and after pictures.

Build Credibility and Trust

In addition to testimonials, other things can relay trustworthiness to your customers. First is having a secure website with HTTPS; those without can scare people away. You should also note any organizations you belong to specific to the landscaping industry. Another option is to display your BBB rating if applicable. Finally, you can also add any local awards you’ve received, like winning a “best of” competition.

Use Vivid, Vibrant Images

Your service is visual. You take sad lawns and transform them into beautiful spaces. Your website should have lots of images. They don’t all have to be your work, as you can use stock ones. Just make sure they are prominent on every page. For images you have of your jobs, create a before-and-after page so you can illustrate your crew’s capabilities.

Promote Seasonal Specials on the Home Page

Landscaping is a seasonal business. As such, you focus on specific services throughout the year. Keep these updated and top of mind by highlighting them on your home page. By doing so, visitors immediately see the services they need for that season.

Tell Your Story

Having an about page can be meaningful in decision-making. Landscaping is a competitive business. If you have a unique story and a love for nature, putting that into this page gives your business a human feel. It’s not just some company they hire; it’s real people passionate about what they do.

Create Pages for Each Type of Service

Each service you provide includes specific components of what you’ll deliver. Spell all this out on your website to avoid any confusion. Prospects understand what they get, and delivery of services stays consistent.

Does Your Landscaping Website Need a Refresh?

If your website is ugly, clunky, or not responsive, you’ll want to refresh it. We’ve worked with many local landscaping companies to deliver a modern, attractive, and easy-to-use website. Let us help you plant the seeds for gaining new customers with a website that works and converts!

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