Social Media Ads vs. Search Ads: What’s the Difference?

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Your website content is your first impression to a buyer. It’s also the road to higher organic ranking when audiences need a solution like yours. Its importance is immense in so many ways. Thus, it needs to be relevant, high-quality, and optimized.

While you know your product and service inside and out, writing about it can be complicated. You need a professional writer to deliver impactful messages that ring true for your brand, tell your story, and drive traffic.

Let’s look at four reasons a professional should write your website content.

SEO Is Critical

SEO is much more complex than just using a keyword. Content optimization is necessary for Google to recognize your website’s quality, authority, and clarity. When developing website content, you want to start with a strong SEO strategy. For those not experts in the field, this can be time-consuming. Professional writers know how to do it properly and efficiently.

A professional writer will deliver content that has these attributes:

  • Effectively uses keywords and their synonyms in the correct density
  • Highly readable content that scores well on the Flesch Score, which is a measure of how easy the copy is to read and considers the use of active voice, sentence length, and the complexity of words used
  • Correct page hierarchy with the use of headers and subheaders
  • Meta data (title and description) that’s the appropriate length and includes the keyword

Error-Free Copy

If a visitor lands on your website and immediately sees grammatical, syntax, or other errors, it’s not a good experience. It will impact that customer’s view of your brand in a negative way. You could lose credibility in their eyes, even if your company is great at what it does. Little things like this are completely avoidable when you hire a professional writer. They will use care and editing tools to ensure that every sentence is powerful and correct.

Pros Tell Amazing Stories

The story of your brand is essential to prospective customers. It’s integral to the decision-making process. They want to feel a connection with the companies they choose. Positive emotional responses can sway someone to select your organization. That all starts by telling your brand’s story.

While you know the story because you lived it, you may be too close to it. You understand your product and customers well. A third party looking in can derive more insights about how to position your value to buyers. Professional writers collaborate with brands to learn and then develop compelling content that creates a conversation between you and those you’re trying to attract.

Assuring Consistency

A brand’s voice should create consistency across all content, no matter where it lives. Professional writers often start out with a voice and tone guide. It defines the brand voice through attributes and sets up rules around word choice, syntax, and messaging. With this guide, you can ensure consistency so that you’re always reiterating key points and not straying from your value proposition.

Hire a Professional Writer for Your Website Content

Organizations should absolutely be part of the content process. You have valuable feedback to provide. However, you’ll find more success when you rely on professionals to write your website. We offer all website services, including design and content. Get in touch today to start your project.

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