5 Digital Marketing Ideas to Support a Product Launch

Apr 21, 2021

Do you have a new product to share with the world? Have you considered how you’ll strategically get eyes on your product launch? Launching a new product requires a lot of work. Not just on perfecting the product but also its promotion and messaging. There are lots of options, and using digital marketing is critical. In this post, we’re sharing some inspiring ideas to showcase your new product.

Best Practices for a Product Launch

Starting with a strategy is the first best practice. This strategy needs to be specific to the launch, not the product itself. It should include:

  • Value proposition
  • Target audience
  • The value it provides to the audience
  • Channels and tactics to promote the new product

Filling in this outline can be challenging, especially for small companies without digital marketing experts or experience. Luckily, there are digital marketers that can guide you. In our experience, these are the tactics that will drive the most ROI and get your product in front of the right eyes.

Social Media Marketing: Paid and Organic

Social media marketing is an excellent way to spread the news of your new product. You should develop posts for each platform that fit a campaign theme. That could include:

  • How the product works
  • Why you created it
  • Who it helps

Using a variety of media to tell these stories on social is key. Images, videos, and persuasive content should all be part of the campaign. You may also want to consider paid social media ads. You can target specific titles and other demographics. Doing so should mean your ad appears to the right people.

Updating Your Website

Your new product should take center stage on your website. Consider adding a slide at the top of your website or a new content block under the top header. Make it exciting and attention-grabbing. A short explainer video, vibrant visuals, and sharp copy should prompt curiosity from visitors.

In addition to the home page, you should also publish a product page that goes over the specifics. Writing a few new blogs to promote the product and improve SEO ranking around what it does will benefit you. These content pieces are essential to your social media posts, as they should be the links.

Search Ads

If your product is a real game-changer and outperforms the competition, Google search ads can be a good investment. Your ads should call out the product’s impressive features, benefits, and use cases. Home in on what users would be searching for and be sure that your ads lead to landing pages so customers can learn more and convert to purchase or request more information.

Earned Media Mentions

Another way to expand your product launch reach is through earned media mentions. Send out information to industry media that may want to cover the reveal. You can also look to partners that may want to boost your mentions on social media. Further, if you’re a member of an industry association, they may also be willing to give you some coverage.

Email Marketing

Last but not least is email marketing. Send all your current subscribers the announcement. Link back to the product page, blogs, and videos. You may even want to offer them a special promo if they buy now. Since they are already familiar with your brand, they’ll appreciate this advanced news and offers.

Need Help with a Product Launch?

Product launches are both exciting and stressful. You’ve worked so hard to bring the product to market. Now you need to make sure the world knows about it. We can help. Our team of seasoned digital marketers can collaborate on a strategy and execute on tactics. Connect with us to discuss the possibilities.

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