4 Ways Home Improvement Digital Marketing Drives Revenue

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by | Dec 9, 2022

The home improvement industry continues to be one full of growth. With tight real estate markets and a pandemic that left many working and staying at home more, people are eager to update their spaces. It’s also a competitive field, and those looking for your services will likely begin their search online. That means you need to be on their radar, and home improvement digital marketing can help you capture that revenue.

Here’s how!

A Modern, Mobile-Friendly Website Is a Must-Have

If your website is stuck in the past, you aren’t going to attract customers with it. It needs to have a clean style and be easy to navigate, especially on mobile. That’s likely where most people will be looking at it, so if the experience is bad, they’ll bounce and never return.

Revamping your website with high-quality imagery, copy, and layouts will keep them on your site to learn and explore. The longer they are on your site, the more likely they will get in touch.

Strong SEO Drives Traffic

If your website includes SEO best practices and you’re optimizing for keywords that consumers are searching for, you can drive a lot of traffic. And it’s organic traffic, so those clicks may be more valuable. A key way to rank well and earn the click is ensuring you have:

  • Service pages on your website with the right keywords (e.g., bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovations) and location-specific terms.
  • Fresh content on your website, including before and after images and blogs that educate homeowners about home improvement projects.
  • An optimized home page that again includes location content and what your capabilities are.

Social Media Marketing Attracts Users Where They’re Looking for Inspiration

Social media platforms are the second most popular area for searching after Google. So, you want to have a consistent presence here with a completed profile page. Regularly posting job photos and content can help build your following and get you noticed. You’ll also want to request reviews here because homeowners will be looking for those.

Social media marketing campaigns can be effective with the right strategy. With these ads, you can target an audience based on geography and demographics, like being a homeowner. Such social media campaigns can be a fantastic way to find leads.

Paid Search Ads

In addition to working on organic rankings on Google, paid search ads can also be fruitful for capturing revenue. Google Ads can be tricky to execute and optimize, so using a team of experts makes more sense for most home improvement companies.

What’s critical in reaping benefits from this home improvement digital marketing tactic is bidding on keywords relevant to your company and the search terms people input. You’ll also want to be location-specific and have persuasive copy to get people to click. It should include what you do, why your company meets their needs, and demonstrations of credibility (e.g., ratings, awards).

Then you’ll want to send them to a custom landing page that provides information about services with a form to complete and submit.

Home Improvement Digital Marketing That Works

Home improvement digital marketing can be complex, but you don’t have to manage it on your own. We’ve partnered with many companies in the industry, providing website design, SEO services, social media marketing, paid search, and more. Find out how we can help you generate more revenue.

4 Ways Home Improvement Digital Marketing Drives Revenue

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