4 Lead Generation Ideas for Small Business

Sep 10, 2021

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Many have faced unique challenges over the last few years. One of the challenges that remain is getting more customers in an affordable, sustainable way. You might have tried a few tactics here and there but lacked a real strategy and didn’t get the results you expected. 

There are many lead generation ideas for small businesses. One or more may be a great fit for you, but it all starts with the idea.

Lead Generation Should Pivot to Inbound

Outbound marketing is the old way. Your internal resources have to bring in the leads. It’s disruptive and hard. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, includes using various channels to create and distribute content that attracts your target buyers and has them contacting you. The customer already has a need, and they found you. 

How exactly do they find you? It’s possible with these small business lead generation ideas.

1. Use Paid Search Ads

As you’re very aware, most people start their buying journey with a Google search. They have a problem or a need and are looking for solutions. You can get their attention with Google Ads. The key to generating leads with paid search is that you need a strategic approach that includes:

  • Targeting the right and relevant keywords
  • Bidding on those keywords most cost-effectively
  • Creating ad copy that gets the user to click
  • Developing a landing page where they land after they click, which converts them

Most small businesses try paid ads but fail or get frustrated. Working with experts like our team can drive better results, and you don’t have to manage it.

2. Target Ideal Buyers via Facebook Ads

A Facebook ad is different from a paid search ad. You target the demographic, not the keyword. They are also a great tactic to test with because they aren’t costly. To generate leads on Facebook, you need to define your target audience, create compelling ads with offers, and drive them to a landing page to collect their information.

You can run Google and Facebook ads in concert to expand your reach for the same offer or campaign.

3. Work on Your SEO

Ranking well for keywords is one of the best ways to generate leads. Some buyers may not click on ads, but they’ll definitely click on your website if you are winning at SEO. However, SEO is a long game, and it requires creating content that follows all SEO best practices.

While you may be an expert in your field, you’re likely not a professional SEO writer. To generate leads with content, consider working with experts that can help you integrate all the fundamentals of SEO.

4. Personalize Offers in Email Marketing

Email is an excellent engagement channel. When you have an email address, you have an opportunity to start a conversation. The best way to generate leads with email is to make the offer as personalized as possible. Most email marketing is done en masse, but you can segment based on different attributes to get the right message to the right inbox.

For example, you could segment by product type. If Group A had an interest at some point in Product A, send them an exclusive offer for it.

We Can Help You Generate Leads for Your Small Business

We work with small businesses every day to improve their digital footprint and use a variety of tactics to generate leads. Contact us today for a quick chat on how we can help.

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