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Social Media Marketing & Advertising for Home Service Companies

by | Jul 3, 2023 | News

Does your home services company want to make social media a revenue generator? Millions of people in your area use social media as a channel to research and discover products and services. Having a presence on these profiles is just as essential as any other digital marketing tactic. However, many factors impact the development and execution of social media marketing and advertising for home services companies.

By leveraging social media marketing and advertising, you can connect and engage with local customers looking for the services you offer. Building a following on social media and using it as a vehicle for ad targeting can drive significant revenue returns when you have a strategic approach and support from an expert partner. So, how do you get started? And what is the best approach for success?

What Is Social Media Marketing and Advertising for Home Services Companies?

Social media is an effective channel to drive awareness of your brand, share what you’re doing, and convert customers. Businesses can use their profiles to achieve many goals around demand generation. It requires consistency in posting, optimization of profiles, delivery of information, and targeted ads. For social media to be a tactic that creates leads and customers, there are several things you need to get started.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising for Home Services Companies Benefits and ROI

So, why should you invest time and budget into social media? Because it works for local businesses. There are a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Increasing your visibility to more people looking for your services
  • Broadening brand awareness in your market
  • Gaining more inbound traffic to your website
  • Improving and building customer relationships
  • Generating leads and revenue
  • Showcasing multiple types of work that you can do
  • Gaining social credibility through customer reviews and comments

These benefits come with a strong ROI for what you invest; here are some stats demonstrating its ROI:

  • 93% of brands earned new customers from posting videos on social media.
  • 76% of internet users access social media for product research, and 43% say it’s a source for information on what to buy.
  • Customers who have positive experiences with companies on social media recommend them to others at a rate of 71%.
  • Small businesses rank social media in the top three most effective digital marketing tactics.

You can reap the rewards of social media and enjoy these benefits. First, you’ll need to design a strategy and plan.

What Do Home Services Companies Need to Excel in Social Media Marketing and Advertising?

Seeing returns from social media efforts isn’t as easy as setting up a business page and posting a few images. Collaborating with experts and discussing your goals for social media is integral in making this tactic a revenue generator. Here are the key things you need to find success.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising Strategy

It all starts with building a strategy around social media. This document outlines the framework for social media. Below, we’ll look at all the must-haves for a social media marketing and advertising strategy.

Identify the social media sites to use.

This should be at least three but no more than five. You’ll determine which ones are the most valuable to you based on where your ideal customers spend time. Another consideration may be the current performance of the profiles you have.

Set your goals and expectations.

You may have several objectives in using social media, such as increasing awareness of your business, building a community, collecting reviews, and of course, generating leads. Defining your goals is critical for how you’ll measure success. In this area of the strategy, you would also identify your expectations, which are different than goals. Refresh this at least annually.

Measure performance against goals.

Next, you’ll discern what metrics you’ll measure that indicate accomplishing your goals. Some popular ones include engagement (e.g., shares, likes, comments), clicks/traffic, click-through rate, follower counts, and conversions.

Create a target audience profile.

Your target audience profile is important to the plan, as it offers clarity on what sites you’ll focus on, the content you post, the promotions you launch, and targeting for ads. This will change over time, so it’s vital to revisit this.

Determine the content you’ll post and its frequency.

Social media only works if you’re active on it, so that requires someone managing the account daily. In this step, you’ll define what you’ll post — original content from your website (e.g., blogs, featured projects, etc.), articles from third parties relevant to your brand and audience (e.g., home improvement publications, local news), and purely promotional posts.

Start with at least one post a day per profile and ramp that up as you move forward. Learn from these postings what resonates with audiences and post more of that. Follow the 70/20/10 rule — 70% of the content is yours, 20% is third-party, and 10% is promotional.

Develop your advertising plan.

Advertising on social media is separate from organic posting and page optimization. Ad campaigns on social media are somewhat like programmatic display ads, but you actually have more control. Depending on the platform, there can be many different ad options. What’s vital to this area of your strategy is documenting what you want to promote in terms of offers, what ad types you’ll use (e.g., image, text, video), your budget, the target audience, and where people will land on your website after they click.

Once you have a detailed strategy, execution follows.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising Plan

Your strategy needs a defined path of execution. These are the logistics of turning your strategy into action. It encompasses these components:

  • How you’ll manage posting: Using a partner for this is ideal because they’re experts and will ensure your activity is consistent and responses quick.
  • What your response will be to messages or comments: If someone sends you a direct message or comments on a post, replying fast is critical to engagement and continuing the conversation. You’ll also, at times, have to consider reputation management if people post things that are inappropriate or untrue.
  • What you need in terms of resources for organic posting and ads: You’ll need content, creative, and more to keep posting consistent and launch the most compelling ads.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising Solutions for Home Services Companies

For social media marketing and advertising to be an effective tactic, it requires resources, time, and expertise. You don’t need to have this in-house. Instead, you can outsource it to the AQ Marketing team. Here’s a review of our social media marketing and advertising solutions for home services companies:

  • Social media strategy development: Your strategy directly correlates to your success. It requires knowledge of your industry, market, and social media. We partner with you to design these to meet your goals.
  • Content creation for social media posts: Consistently posting on social media sites means you need lots of content. We can help you with this as well by producing high-quality, engaging, and relevant content for your audience in a variety of formats.
  • Social media account management: Let our team manage your accounts and remove the burden from your internal staff so they can focus on other things. We offer management for profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Business. Management includes scheduling posts, monitoring pages, responding to customers, and ongoing page optimization.
  • Social media reporting and analytics: You’ll receive regular in-depth reports on social media engagement and performance, including organic and paid ads. In the analysis, you’ll find metrics relating to audience growth, engagement rates, campaign effectiveness, and conversion activities.

When you collaborate with our experts, you can be hands-off yet always up-to-date on your social media presence and performance.

Why Choose AQ Marketing as Your Social Media Marketing and Advertising Partner

Home improvement companies have lots of options when choosing a social media marketing and advertising partner. With us, you get a group of experts with experience in your industry, market, and social media. We’re an extension of your marketing staff, working collaboratively to achieve your social media objectives.

Here’s what working with us looks like:

  • You’ll receive a customized strategy, not something that’s cookie-cutter. The strategy creation considers your brand, goals, audience, budget, and expectations.
  • We use a data-driven approach to social media marketing and advertising. Data guides the decision-making in the strategy and plan so that you’re getting the most out of this channel.
  • You’ll see measurable results. Whatever your objective is, there’s a way to measure it and attribute the tactic to the results you want.
  • We’re responsive and supportive, and open, transparent communication is a driving principle in our relationships with clients. Keeping you informed and involved is crucial to our combined success in these efforts.
  • We have many home services companies on our client roster, so we understand the nature of the business and what it requires to generate interest and revenue through social media.

If you’re ready to begin using social media as a means to grow your business, let’s talk about what we can build together. Contact us today to learn more.

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