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Website Project

April Marie Hair Salon

AQ Marketing recently completed a website for April Marie Hair Studio based in Lexington, MA.

About April Marie

I am a Balayage and hair painting specialist and have received my master of Balayage certificate. I am always keeping up with my education, you can never know too much. I will always listen to you and give you my professional opinion. I strive to leave every client feeling better than when they first sat in my chair.

Services Provided

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Premium Web Hosting, Security & Supportn
  • Page Development & Content Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (on-site)
  • Keyword Tracking & Ranking Management
  • Website Accessibility Software
  • Website Privacy and Cookie Policies
  • Business Listing Service
  • Social Media Setup and Marketing Services
  • Reputation Management and Review Generating
April Marie Hair Salon