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Pay Per Click
Advertising (Google Ads)

Pay Per Click Advertising – Google Ads Campaign

Pay per click advertising is now called paid Google ads because it’s a much more accurate description of the process. There are two costs our customers pay in order to participate in a Google Ads Campaign. The first are the ad fees paid directly to Google whenever someone clicks on your ad. The other is a management fee paid to AQ Marketing for setting up and directly managing your program for you.

When someone is looking for the products and services that your company provides, they will open a search engine such as Google and type in certain words or phrases they associate with businesses like yours. AQ Marketing specializes in determining the keywords that people will use when searching for your company. We then engage in a process of bidding on those keywords so that your ad will be displayed on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for someone to click on and be taken to your website or landing page.

This is not an instantaneous process. It requires constant attention, testing of results, and measuring of the analytics we can get from Google. These are the numbers that tell us how well we are doing on your behalf. AQ Marketing is highly experienced at interpreting the data and making the necessary adjustments. Our job is to make it increasingly likely that your ad is displayed for people to see and click on. We have been doing this for a very long time, and we do it well!

The first two months is a period of intense testing. AQ Marketing will work closely with you to develop a Google Ads Campaign designed to help your company get found on the internet, drive traffic, and maximize conversions and ROI. We will use a combination of written and visual content, split testing ads, measuring and adjusting bids, testing negative and positive keywords, along with other skills and expertise we have developed over many years of running successful Google Ads Campaigns for our clients.

Google ads campaigns require constant attention, testing, and making informed adjustments, in order to be profitable and successful. AQ Marketing will also setup a tracking report that will link the ads to your website so that we will be able to track phone calls, estimate forms and even text messages generated from the ad.

Our Monthly Management Services Include:

  1. Adding negative and positive keywords
  2. Adjusting bids
  3. Split testing ads
  4. Dedicated landing pages & Landing page split testing as needed
  5. Call Tracking & Website Form Tracking
  6. Troubleshooting issues
  7. Monthly Reports

AQ Marketing does not and cannot make any warranties on positions, hits, clicks, traffic, or sales. We cannot warranty that someone will click on your site. AQ Marketing will measure, monitor, and adjust the marketing strategy from time to time. We want to ensure that the right message is being sent to visitors to increase the likelihood of conversion. We can also actively work with you to develop on site strategies so that visitors go where we want them to go and see what we want them to see.


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