How to Execute High-Performing Social Media Ads for Lead Conversion

Mar 27, 2022

Social media advertising can be a highly effective tactic for SMBs. Because of targeting capabilities and high usage of these sites, you can find, attract, and convert customers in these mediums. However, it’s not as easy as uploading an image and adding some copy. The key is to be strategic with social media ads, both in targeting and content creation.

Here are some quick tips on executing high-performing social media ads for lead conversion.

Define Your Target Audience

The first step is identifying whom you want to target. You may have lots of different types of customers. To ensure better conversion success, you’ll want to focus on specific types of customers. With social media ad audience functionality, you can select things like location, demographics, preferences, and more.

For example, if you’re a local fitness center, you have various members. However, you might want to increase your customer base in the female-over-40 group. If so, you have gender and age as well as other attributes that make them a good fit (e.g., have professional careers, earn a certain amount, or have an interest in fitness).

Ensure Ad Content Is Relevant to Your Target Audience

Once you have an audience, your social media ad content has to be meaningful to them. It needs to capture what they may be feeling and what they need. If you go back to the example above, what content would make sense here?

This subset demographic may have little time to work out, so you should emphasize convenience and other components that make it easier. If you can speak to their biggest objections and address them, they are more likely to interact with your ad and seek more information.

Determine What Incentive Will Seal the Deal

Conversions are often the result of incentives. Buyers aren’t going to give away their information or sign-up if there’s nothing for them in the end. Thus, you’ll want to design creative and draft ad copy that delivers value to them. Here are some ideas:

  • Contests and prizes. Give away a service or product to those that sign up for your newsletter.
  • Promotions and discounts. Capture their attention with a great deal they can’t refuse.
  • Exclusive content. Offer special tips, tricks, and ideas to prospects if they provide you with their email.

Use Social Lead Ads

This category of ads has a form in the ad. That means a user can convert immediately without needing to visit your website. It’s no secret that people shop and buy directly on Facebook, so using these ads removes steps they’d need to take to connect with your business and become a customer faster.

Leverage Social Proof

Consumers influence one another. They tend to listen to the reviews and recommendations of others much more so than brand content. Since you’re advertising on social media, you, of course, need social proof.

For social media ads, you can do this in many ways. You can add a review rating to the image or use a video testimonial. Further, you can include any awards or other reputation verification content to express the trustworthiness of your business. To see if this drives more conversions, consider doing an A/B test.

Social Media Ads: Optimize for Conversions

Social media ads can be a great tactic, but you’ll need a strategy to see results. By working with our team, you’ll have experts managing campaigns so you see returns on your ad spending. Find out more about our social media marketing solutions today.

A Guide for Small Business Social Media Marketing
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