6 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas for SMBs

Dec 8, 2021

The holiday season is here, and that means new opportunities for promotions and growing sales. So, what are some ideas for holiday marketing campaigns? Let’s look at some traditional and trending options for a variety of industries.

Create Excitement with a Contest

Decorating and dressing up for the holidays is always in season. Many people try to outdo themselves every year, and this could be a great way to drive engagement online. For example, you could host an Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest. It’s fun and light-hearted. Social media is a great channel for this and could increase your followers.

With a contest, you’ll be giving something away, but you can ask for something, too. To enter, you might require people to follow you on social media or sign up for your email newsletters. This gives you channels to continue conversations with possible customers. A follow-up email could offer them a discount on their first purchase.

You build brand equity and can convert new customers.

Develop a Campaign That Gives Back

The holidays are a time of giving, and there are many worthy causes. Choose one that aligns with your company’s values and serves your community. The campaign involves spreading awareness about the cause. You can advise that a portion of profits for a certain day or days will be donated to the charity. That can increase your purchases for the day and benefit a great organization.

Advertise Around Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday follows Black Friday and encourages consumers to shop local. Take this opportunity to launch some ads on social media and deliver offers through email marketing. You can prompt people to shop in-store or online, providing them with a special discount for the day.

More people than ever want to support local SMBs, so make sure they know you have some great promotions that will make wonderful gifts from their loved ones.

Host a Holiday Event

Depending on your business and your physical space, hosting a holiday event could be a great idea to boost brand awareness and increase sales. It can be as simple as an in-store party with holiday sweets or even feature carolers for a holiday sing-along. This gets people into your space, demonstrates your goodwill, and can drive purchases.

Reward Loyal Customers

Current customers, on average, spend more than new ones. So, you don’t want to lose them. Continue to strengthen the relationship with exclusives just for them. Communicate this via email based on segmentation of current customers.

You can offer them an extra percentage off, a gift, or holiday-related services like free gift wrap or shipping. Your business may have already been on their list, but with this extra incentive, they might buy even more from you.

Update Your eCommerce Website

Holiday shoppers are always looking for deals, so be sure to include them as pop-ups on your eCommerce website. They should see them upon arrival so they know what kind of discount to expect. You can also make some design changes that give the site a more holiday feel, which could put customers in a generous mood.

Holiday Campaign Ideas Bring Cheer

It’s time for SMBs to consider holiday marketing campaign ideas. Use these tips for inspiration to drive traffic and sales. Need help launching these? Contact our digital marketing experts today.

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