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People browse your website every day wondering if your company, your products and or your services will be right for them. Naturally they may have questions that need immediate answers, but since no one is available to provide up-to- the-minute assistance, they click off your site and you miss out on getting a lead to convert into a new client.

Welcome to the world of real-time website monitoring, where your visitors can instantly establish a connection with a live chat service provided by AQ Marketing.

Live Chat Interaction Turns Leads into Clients

  • 89% of consumers would like to connect with businesses through mobile messaging. 89% 89%
  • 42% of chat leads come outside of normal business hours. 42% 42%
  • 53% of consumers are more likely to choose a business they can chat with. 53% 53%

What can this do for your business? Not only can it significantly increase your client base, but when you leave the office, you can be confident that our live chat service will work 24/7 to assist any visitor on your website, so you don’t miss out on any leads.

Live Chat enables visitors to connect with your company in confidence. Many times, site visitors do not want to input their contact information into a contact form. Live Chat helps overcome that objection.

The objective of the live chat representative is to obtain the person name, phone, email, Interest in your product and or service, and their location. This would constitute a qualified lead and will be emailed directly to you or a designated person.

With the Live Chat monitoring service there is no contract required and it is easy to get started. Contact AQ Marketing today to learn more and discuss the cost 781-937-3531.

Desktop View of the Live Chat Website Lead Generation Service

Mobile View of the Live Chat Website Lead Generation Service

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